Health Care Provider & Health Advocate

I have a master’s degree in emergency health from A.T. Still University (ATSU), and a physician assistance certification from U.C. Davis. I’m licensed to practice in California and New York. I work primarily in Cardiology and have over 15 years of experience in family practice.

I am passionate about health and preventive care. I love my work as I am able to assist with the health needs of people in all stages of life. One of my priorities is to stay current with what’s new and what works in wellness by attending health conferences. I have a special interest in the health and wellness of women, and my greatest desire is to go beyond my daily practice and empower women of all ages by making them aware of their inner strength. Women are strong, we all know that, but sometimes we need a reminder. If you’re a woman, I am your Reminder! I believe that knowledge is empowering, I want to bring you the knowledge that can empower you to live healthier and happier life!

Please read my DISCLAIMER below regarding anything on my website or health blog. 



I do not provide medical advice. My website and blog is for educational purposes only. 

It’s important to seek your doctor’s advice on dealing with hypertension or any medical condition that you have it. Work with him or her to develop a plan that works for you.